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Honigkuchen war in Cambodia
3. Jun 2013 > Levi`s little trip through the world
Koh Rong is a small Island, which is more or less empty apart from one village. That is where the boats from the mainland stop. The village has a few houses where the cambodians live, a couple of guesthouses/bars and some resorts along the beach. The evenings in the village are very noisy, cause all places have loud music playing and there is a lot of young tourists/travelers drinking. As soon as you get away from the village you can discover the jungle and find kilometer long empty beaches with withe sand and cristal clear water. The look completly unreal and are amazing (apart from the sandflies). My camera is out of battery and because I left most of my lugage in Sihanoukville and did not bring the carger there is almost no pictures of it all. I spend a nice time reading, swimming and exploring the island. After almost one week on the island I get sick and just lay around sweating like a pig with fever and a fucked up belly for about 30 hours. Afterwards I feel better, but decide to return to the mainland to have a place with aircon and a little silence to fully recover.
Whalecity war in Cambodia
1. Jan 1970 > Kambodscha
15621 103.31594467163086 10.696875976006973 48. stop Koh Rong (Monkey Island) image 1319 Honigkuchen wer-war-hier/user/Honigkuchen/?location=668 3. Jun 2013 3.6.2013 10°41'N 103°18'E
2867 104.99096299999996 12.565679 Cambodia na 663 Whalecity wer-war-hier/user/Whalecity/?location=668 14. Apr 2006 14.4.2006 12°33'N 104°59'E
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